Fare thee well! 

School used to be cool until we got no home works. It used to be fun when we shared our food even before the recess. The days when we had no worries of the world, when we were not burdened by responsibilities. The days with the sense of individuality, when promises were true and so were me and you.

The rules were meant to be broken, and failure wasn’t a big deal when we saw our friends taming memories and not answer sheets. When poems were our songs and friends were not for benefits, those days were real life, hence everything is reel. 

Our classmates became our families, we shared food, sorrows, cries and laughters. Those days, we hated the same teachers. We promised each other to stay in touch forever, but who knew forever would end some day. The school was great, but greater was our first love. And greatest were our friends who teased us by the name of our crushes. When money wasn’t everything we wanted and fashion was something we didn’t care about. Those days were the golden days.

Go! Run! Surf! Surf your internet and your contacts. Find your school friends and call them, message them, meet them, tell them how much you miss them and reminisce the memories you all shared. For those days aren’t coming back but you aren’t letting them go even.

LOVE! My School Days❤


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