Breakthrough can makethrough

Good,crazy days cheering up with friends,the most popular groups at the school,she was a part of one.Never did she know her torn self.Never did she know her love most.All she got were heart breaks.

There came upon a sunlight,a marshmallow to her food.Good times when she craved love and she got some.He made her ,his princess,the only girl he would see.The crowds didn’t know it but it was a heart felt belief.

They cheered,talked and woke up all nights, it became an addiction anon.Never did they know it was gonna be forever,never did they know the rains would turn down soon. One fine day,he went off the town,the little lady all alone.

This marked the end of night and a believe that he would ever come back soon.The lady yet alone,no compassion along,at war at peace. She talked to herself the way she did to him realizing it’s all happiness and grim.

Hard it was to let him go harder it was to keep up with him. So she decided to like her as this time she met her.For once he realized she was his world not merely a transient lass, he tried calling her throughout,little did he know she has cut him out.

For all the heartbreaks she has been through,this was the greatest.It made her gorgeous,it made her wise and led to a new girl arise.The showers of love couldn’t be brought down back but this time this was all she had.



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