Be open to Criticism.No! It should not affect you.

Everybody knows how to criticize but not the art of handling it. Criticism demotivates and causes loss of confidence. It may develop a phobia or anger for the people who has been criticized. Criticism, if taken in the right sense, encourages a person to confound the same people by enhancing themselves or their ideas. This will increase their confidence by many folds. It is a practice which makes them mentally strong.

If we criticize others then we should have heart to help the person and should be ready to handle criticism. The objective of criticism is to better a person or an idea, to make it perfect.Impartial thinking, an optimistic attitude and a never-say-die attitude are ingredients to fight and avoid criticism.

All famous people have faced criticism in their lives and did not allow it to affect them. But only if our eyes saw souls instead the ideal of beauty would have been different. Hence GROW UP and SHOW UP.


4 thoughts on “Be open to Criticism.No! It should not affect you.

  1. I often times struggle with criticism, no matter how much I pretend to welcome it. Sometimes I even seek it out, in order to understand how I can improve. But I always take it personally and end up feeling like a failure! I think it is important to change our perspective on criticism, see it as an opportunity for growth, and not let it shake our confidence in ourselves. How we handle criticism speaks greatly to our character.

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