Let your Ego dissolve with Love and Warmth

Several quotes and inspirations are being shared on social media cautioning us to be wary of egoistic people encompassing us. While reading all of them,do we ever realize that when we assume of us becoming the victims of others’ ego,somewhere and somehow our ego has also victimized other human beings? No,never because we always prefer exhibiting ourselves as the victims of ill treatment by others.

In criticizing,mocking,analyzing and berating others, we create a cocoon around ourselves waiting for the other one to break the ice of the intense coldness of relations.   A warm, loving gesture is what is required to melt this rock solid ice. This will help in dissolving the pain that such ego creates, both in others and in us. At regular intervals we should ensure that warm and loving gestures melt the icicles of ego that form on the roofs of our minds. This will prevent us from getting caught in the vicious trap of ‘Silent Ego’.

The magical words never fail to astound me,they always make me believe that some way prevails through which love,compassion,warmth and humanity can be restored among all of us, You and Me.


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