Fear is nothing but a Smokescreen the mind has created!

Fear is a constant companion of man.It is his second nature and,significantly, his more dominant side.He is always fearful of something or the other-of the unknown,of failure,of accident,of disease,of death,of darkness,of shadows,of loss of money,of loss of a relative or a friend,etc.In fact,it is difficult to imagine anything on earth that he doesn’t fear.There are not many people who can roar and say like Julius Caesar: “Fear!What Fear? Fear and I are two cubs littered on the same day.”

Fear is caused when the mind imagines situations and starts to fear them.You start to tremble,you start to cry and you also start to get the feeling of impending doom.All of us are hapless victims of our own thoughts.

When feared, first you escape from reality by creating a scenario and then you run away from that created reality.A reaction to fear is to face it.You will notice that you will conquer it and progress towards a unique aura and calmness.


2 thoughts on “Fear is nothing but a Smokescreen the mind has created!

  1. I am fascinated by the concept of fear. But only when I’m not experiencing it myself, of course. Fear can be crippling, or can act as a motivator to push us through to the other side. Great perspective, thanks!

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